Sunday Reset: The Weekend Recap

End of the week again… Time flies when you have three little animals you aren’t allowed to cage.  If Saturday was an indication of the weekend as a whole, I would have been in trouble.


Does it seem that no matter how much you give, it’s not enough?  I know I am not alone on this one.  We Mamas do and do and do all day, everyday and still we come up short.  No matter how much laundry we do, the shirt they want to wear is never clean.  No matter which playground we visit, it’s still boring.  No matter what is served someone isn’t happy, something looks yucky/gross/disgusting/weird.  And another thing about food: how does it happen that regardless the meal, they can take one look at the plate and pick out the one thing they don’t want?!  And complain.  I mean seriously, can’t they ever just say something like I love everything on my plate!  I can’t wait to eat everything without negotiating how many more bites to dessert!  And by the way, I don’t need dessert tonight because I want to brush my own damn teeth tonight and go to bed right after I finish eating this lovely meal!  So I’m on my second glass of wine tonight.  Sue me.

Nothing was enough on Saturday.  And when I have days when nothing is enough, it goes one of two ways: (1) I continue to break my fucking back to achieve unattainable perfection or (2) I quit.  And on Saturday, I quit.  I abandoned (for you mandated reporters out there, not literally abandoned) them and threw myself into a task that could be accomplished, one that I couldn’t be judged for; a task that would help me to feel productive and confident: I caught up on laundry.  Completely caught up.  Like clothes-in-the-drawers-and-no-baskets-caught-up.  Like towels folded in the-bathroom-cabinet-caught-up.  Like sheets-changed-and-beds-made-caught-up.   (Only to have my darling sister- with no children- show up to say, “Wow, haven’t seen the floor in here in years…” Sorry chica, I adore you but it took every ounce of me to not punch you.  Or cry.  But don’t you worry that pretty little head of yours!  You will soon have children, my dear.  And then I will come visit you.)  I’ll admit, there was a fair amount of fights which were refereed from the top of the stairs.  There were some which required no referee at all and there were some which got worked out.  By the largest child.  But when I came down, they seemed a little happier to see me and since I had just placed gold in the Laundry Olympics, I was feeling pretty good.  So they were feeling pretty good.  Tummy bugs aren’t the only thing contagious around these parts, come to find out…


Coming off my win yesterday, I carried the momentum through to Sunday.  Began my morning by asking (bribing) my husband to feed the boys breakfast so I could go for a run, follow by kitchen clean up (alone time).  And then for the rest of the day, I did nothing other than play with, read to and laugh with these wonderful children.  Dinner came… Waffles and sausage with fruit?  Sure!  Everyone gobbled it down like it was the best shit they’d eaten in years.  Score!  After dinner, they all went out to play, leaving me with kitchen clean up (more alone time) and the most peaceful 42 minutes all week.  Music on, menu planning and a little Facebook time.  Oh and that’s where the vino began…  Ahhh.

School vacation is this week.  Tomorrow is a full day of grocery shopping, hair cuts and errands.  Let the public meltdowns flow but for tonight, my angels are sleeping with smiles on their faces, clothes in their drawers and a content, calm (half-cocked) Mama on the couch.  Peace Mamas.

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