Mama Gets Bus Chucked

Last week, part of celebrating the fifth birthday of my Mooch included a trip to the pediatrician.

Dr. Land: What is your favorite thing to play?

Mooch: Video games.

Dr. Land: What is your favorite food?

Mooch: Donuts.

Dr. Land: Do you wear your seat belt every time you are in the car?

Mooch: Yup.  But sometimes I just have to remind my mom.

Oh shit.  Kid chucked Mama under the bus.

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9 thoughts on “Mama Gets Bus Chucked

  1. Lol… I couldn’t even count how many times I think to myself when my son is talking … ‘Please don’t repeat this at daycare/playschool!!’

    • Seriously! I tried to make excuses after the first two but when the third came, I was like F it. I’m not the only parent who forgets to buckle her kid, right?! “Mama, I’m not buckled!” Thanks kiddo 🙂

  2. HAHA!! Aww, I think ALL parents have that sort of thing happen at one time or another. One time we were at the grocery store in the late afternoon and the cashier asked my son (he was 8) how school was that day. He replied that we homeschool, and she asked, “Well, how was it?” And his response was that we hadn’t actually done school that day because mama was stressed! It was true…I was seriously hormonal and gave the kids the day off, but jeeeez, kid – lie for mommy, would ya?! LOL 😉

  3. When my son was 4 he was always tripping up the stairs, generally a clumsy so and so. One day the Health visitor was around weighing the his baby sister and she innocently asked how he’d got the bruises on his legs, when he stood pointed at me and said “she did it”


    I didn’t of course, and she was happy that I hadn’t as social services never called me 🙂

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