Mama’s Little Helper

My littlest dude loves to help his Mama.  With. Everything.  While I adore the way he looks up at me with those big innocent eyes, Help Mama!  Help you?  Pease?  Seriously how can I say no to that.  So we pull up a stool.  And he helps.  Whether it’s cooking, weeding the garden or putting away silverware from the dishwasher.  Including him in the process makes it take about twice as long (if I am lucky), tests my patience, forces me to take deep breaths and slow down.  But since when are exercising patience, deep breathing and taking my time bad things…?

Photo1 (12)

We move through life so quickly and barely take the chance to appreciate the interactions we have with our kids.  It was quite apparent to me when we sat down for dinner one night and began our evening ritual of sharing the favorite events of the day.  We got to Zook, who usually makes something up to feel like he’s contributing although at two and a half, he’s barely able to sift through the day’s events to find a favorite- or so I thought.  Zook, what was your favorite part of the day?  Cook Mama.  Cook [with] Mama.  It was my most tedious and frustrating task of the day.  The part of my day that caused the most amount of frustration because I had to slow down, take my time and breathe.  Sounds pretty ridiculous now, huh?  Yup.  Really, so much about life can be learned from retrospect.

I am reminded of a previous post where I talked about Committing to No and realized I really need to go back to that.  I need to breathe.  This high strung Mama needs to relax a bit because her kiddos are becoming high strung offspring.  Breathe Mama.  Soak in the moments.

I love my little helper.

photo (39)

Peace, Mamas.

8 thoughts on “Mama’s Little Helper

  1. I think that’s really neat that he nejoys that time with you so much! Definitely take time to breathe and enjoy the moments. I can’t believe my oldest isn’t little anymore! It really does go by very fast! 😦

    • It really happens so quickly, doesn’t it? One minute they are in our arms and the next they don’t want to be there. Sometimes I pray for my babies to come back… And sometimes I am thankful they are not hanging on me every minute. Ah, Mamahood!

  2. That’s awesome that you took the time to let him help cook. I have to remind myself to slow down as well. Last week I let my 8 year old help me with the dishes and he was so eager to help. He ended up sweeping and mopping the kitchen. It took a while to get the dishes done but I enjoyed it and so did he and it was a pleasant experience. Today he asked if he could help with the dishes and because I was fed up with everyone and just wanted to get them done I said no. Am I crazy? I want my kids to help out but I feel like I am always in such a rush to get things done that I don’t take the time to teach them. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Totally agree!!! So many times, my kids ask to help and I refuse so I can do it faster! What is wrong with us?! Good for you to let him help with the floors- I think my oldest could probably do that as well… In fact, I think he would actually like it. You are smart Mama!

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