A New Room for Cub

My oldest little dude is… Well, he’s getting older.  And it’s kind of wonderful.  For the last  two years, all three of my kiddos have shared a room and/or beds.  For a long time, Mooch co-slept with Cub and now, Zook co-sleeps with Mooch.  In an effort to give Zook his own space, we needed to evict someone from that bedroom because it just can’t accommodate three beds.  So Cub got the boot.  And he loves it.

We went with a gray and navy color scheme- he wanted a night-time city-scape theme.  The bedroom has knee walls which we accented in navy (Naval, Sherwin Williams).  The high walls we painted a soft gray (Light French Gray, Sherwin Williams).  I still need to work on the bedding… I’m thinking white with pops of red and yellow.

photo (45)

With a reading corner and small desk, Cub has his own space to skim through books or draw- one of his favorite pastimes.

photo (42) photo (43)

We accented with some Lego ships he had built on his own (and now they are perfectly out of reach of our little wrecking ball, Zook) and some books which belonged to his grandfather in addition to an antique brass bell, which belonged to his great- great-grandfather.

photo (41) photo (44)We have created just the spot for our little glow-book worm to grow up.  He’s even referring to his new room as his Man Cave.  (Wait, hasn’t our entire house become a Man Cave?!)

photo (40)

Love watching the amazing human this little guy is turning out to be.

Peace, Mamas.


4 thoughts on “A New Room for Cub

  1. Cute post! Cool room! And watching them in awe becoming more of the person you wished for in them is worth all those diapers and spills 3 o’clock wake ups. I share your pain…I have to share a house with 3 girls. There’s not a single masculine thing in it.

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