Dear World. 

Dear World,

I feel compelled to speak out and let you know just what’s going on behind the curtain. I know you’re all watching, thinking Have they all lost their minds? I get it. But here’s the real deal: We are being held against our will.  The majority of us didn’t want this guy.  This guy who preyed on the uneducated, devoured the hopeless, consumed the ignorant; we didn’t vote for him. 

We don’t support his views on women, minorities, refugees, the disabled. We don’t agree with his agenda on finances, the environment, healthcare, education or, well, science. We detest his pathetic, embarrassing, childish Tweets. We know he’s an immature, self-absorbed, egotistical idiot. We know. 

But we’re trapped. And now we don’t know what to do. We watch with daily horror as new orders are signed. The feeling of just watching it happen and knowing there’s nothing we can do is suffocating. Some of us go about our lives and pretend it doesn’t affect us, some of us are too afraid to admit how bad it really is. A few are still “trying to give him a chance”. But the truth is we don’t know how to stop this beast of an engine. Because there’s no rationality to decisions that are made. It’s fear-based compliance. Coercion rooted in terror and blame. 

We want to scream at the sheer stupidity. Call out the hypocrisy. You are a recipient of public assistance and you support this man?  What?  We want to do something. Anything. But we just don’t know what it is that will change what’s happening. 

So, we know. And we’re sorry. Please don’t think we support this. Please give us a chance to figure out what the fuck we are going to do about this. It’s been a week and a half. Give us just a little more time to get our shit together. 


A Terrified Mama. 

One thought on “Dear World. 

  1. I don’t know much about the American political system except that it is pretty different from the Canadian one. Though I am appalled by many of the things Trump has done and said, I know better than to judge a whole country by one man.

    What I do believe is that the American people are fierce defenders of what they believe in, that they are strong and that they only come out stronger in the face of adversity.

    Stay strong, have faith, keep being outspoken.

    Take care.

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