Mama No Lick


 This used to be a creemee (soft-serve for those not from Vermont) and now, it’s a glob of mushy, sticky, slimy goo.

Who eats like this?!  I’m pretty sure that’s a big ‘ole bite of cream-soaked napkin…


And people ask me why I don’t share food with my kids.  Seriously.

Mama Project: Paint

photo 4

My lack of time seems to manifests in different ways.  One of the many (many, many) goals I have is to be better at planning and implementing projects with my children on a more regular basis.  Usually the project is filled with anxiety (for me), laughter (for the kids) and ends with a mess.   But today, the project was nothing but bliss and pure fun, ending with giggles at the sink.  Did I really choose paint for the first project…?  

photo 3photo 2photo (27)

Paint, paint, paint.  Little one had freedom to use fingers, hands and elbows.  We ended up using all the paint on this one picture.

photo 1

Having fun with my children and watching them enjoy a project I have planned provides me with deep satisfaction.  I feel like a better Mama and in turn, act like a better Mama.

The mess was so worth the time spent together!