Bathroom Chat

Sometimes important conversations take place in odd places.  Tonight: the restroom at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

Child: Mama, you pee out your bum because you don’t have any penises, right?

Mama: Yup.  That’s right.  (Where are we going with this…)

Child: Because only boys have penises.

Mama: Right.  (Whew.)

Child: Well what do you have anyway?

Mama: It’s just a hole for pee to come out.  (Is that what I’m supposed to say?  Cause I can’t bring myself to say more.  Good God, there is someone in the next stall!)

Child: Oh.  Well, when I grow up, I am going to have big penises.

Mama: Really… How do you know?  (Can’t help myself.)

Child: Well, because all grown up boys have big penises.  Even Daddy.

Mama: Oh.  (Dear God, how can I possibly keep a straight face?  Even Daddy!  Can’t wait to tell hubby this one.) Let’s go wash our hands now.

Child: Okay.

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