Mama is Lost

Ever have one of those days (weeks or months, really) where you start to feel lost?  Where you question everything about the way you are raising your kids.  Usually it’s easier for me to push those feelings of insecurity back down with my foot- like packing down the garbage I should have taken out two (three) days ago.  Packing it down is just not working right now.

Lately I have been doing a lot of reading about alternative parenting.  I have never considered myself a traditional parent by any means but I am starting to feel like I have fallen into that category in the last couple weeks.  Sit at the table until your plate is clear.  No talking until your coat is on.  Don’t talk while  am talking.  Seriously?  Seriously.  What is my problem?  Where has the kind-hearted, patient, sensitive Mama gone?  My kids want her back.  And I do too.

She’s probably buried under that pile of five loads of laundry.  Or trying to climb out from the stack of crusty dishes in the sink.  She could be digging her way out of permission slips, math games, book orders, dental appointments, grocery shopping, preschool meetings or meal planning.  Or she could be smothered by researching “clean” recipes, heathy fats and GMOs or she’s trying desperately to fit working out in because goddammit she has to put on that bathing suit in a month.  Oh wait, you have a job too, Mama?

So that’s where Mama went.  Come back Mama.

Trying.  Wishing desperately that I could find the balance.  The thing is my life is so full.  But the fullness I focus on are the parts that don’t matter.  What will my kids remember?  Will they remember laundry piles, dishes, permission slips, book orders, dental schedules or the ridiculous task of creating a meal plan which is “clean” and compatible with the eating habits of a three year-old?  Nope.  Will they remember what their Mama looked like in her bathing suit?  Nope.  But will they remember Mama not playing with them?  Will they remember being forced to sit at the table alone, in the dark kitchen while everyone else is playing a laughing together?  Probably.  Definitely.

To let go of all that extra stuff is so hard though.  Harder than anyone admits.

I need to remember what’s important.  I need to color with Zook.  I need to race cars across the floor with Mooch.  I need to read Harry Potter with Cub.  I need to jump into football playoffs and superheroes and sharks.  I need to chase and tickle and cuddle them.  The things I need to be buried in, smothered by and consumed with are my children.  And I know I can get back there.

Mama is coming back.  Mama is back.

Peace, Mamas.


12 thoughts on “Mama is Lost

  1. Balance. You are probably lacking of balance right now. I become that same Mama when my own needs aren’t met (very often). I have a post scheduled for tomorrow that will probably resonate well when/if you read it. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are aware of it and it is a big step towards making things better. A counsellor once told me that it is the mothers who care the most that are the most likely to feel guilt.
    Welcome back x

    • Thank you… Balance. That’s exactly what I need. I just don’t have enough hours in the day to meet my own needs in addition to theirs. I can’t wait to read your post- so long as you include a pic of your sweet girls… I’m over the moon with their cuteness! Thanks for your kind words of support- and for reading Mama!

  2. One thing you should let go of is the guilt and, believe me, I know how hard that is. Sometimes we just have to do our best. Our children will remember that too. You’ll get out of it and be the mama you want and need to be, but you can also be the mama that you are right now and be ok.

  3. Take 15-20 minutes for yourself! Go for a walk. Breathe clean air. Once you have invested some time in yourself you will be ready to give back to your kids! Easier said than done, but you’ll be a better mama if you do.

  4. I read this on probably the best day for me to read it as I am feeling the exact same way. There is never enough damn time to do all we want to do and I know the choices I make to take up that time aren’t always the best. We always keep trying though, that is what a mama does and she never feels she does enough. but the food matters, the cleanliness matters, the homework matters. It ALL matters.

    • You’re so right. It all matters. And we constantly seek that magical balance. I am glad to hear you could connect with my words… I know I am not alone. And neither are you! Thanks so much for reading and following! Peace, Mama!

  5. This is a great post. I know just what you mean about wanting to be covered, buried and smothered in what really matters (why do so easily forget??) because I KNOW it goes by fast, and soon the kids will be grown. Let’s enjoy these years, Mama! 😀

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